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  1. General Info on BC Private Investigators

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General Info on BC Private Investigators

Need to find a Private Investigator in Vancouver or the lower mainland of BC?  It's as easy as opening the yellow pages, right?  But, how about finding a good PI?  That can be a little more challenging.  

All Private Investigation companies and Private Investigators in British Columbia must be licensed by the B.C. Attorney General's office.  This ensures only that a minimum level of requirements are met - a criminal records check has been complete on all the Private Investigators working for the firm, as well as a credit check.  

Finding a good P.I. can be hit and miss.  You can start with the BBB or the P.I.A.B.C. (Private Investigators Association of British Columbia), but in the end your best bet is to find someone who is familiar with the Private Investigations industry or has employed a PI company on more than one occassion. A referral to a good investigation company is like a referral to a good doctor.


There are hundreds of companies in the lower mainland of BC offering investigation services.   One of the best is McKenzie Investigations & Consulting Ltd., headed by James (Jim) L. McKenzie.  The company is licensed for security, investigations and security consulting and is a member in good standing of the PIABC.  They offer retail security investigations, labor dispute management, camera installation services, background checks and the regular P.I. surveillance work.  You can reach Jim McKenzie and his Investigation company at their Burnaby office at 604-294-6644 or visit their website:

McKenzie Investigations & Consulting Ltd

Becoming a Private Investigator or Opening a PI Company in BC

To become a PI in British Columbia, you must have employment with a Private Investigations firm. Depending on your experience, you may be required to work as a 'supervised' PI for 2 years before applying for an unrestricted license.  A criminal records check will be required along with an application and reference letters.

To open a Private Investigations company, you will be required to have an unrestricted PI license or employ a manager who has an unrestricted PI license and purchase a bond. 

For information about becoming a Private Investigator in British Columbia, contact the Private Investigators and Security Agencies Commission or visit their website at




Note: common misspellings during searches for Private Investigators include Private Investagators, invetigations, Investagators, Investagations and Investigatory. We include the terms  Private Investagator, Investagators, and Investigatory in this document to assist your search in finding this page and ultimately in helping you find licensed, qualified Private Investigators in Vancouver.


GotToGet's Editor has been licensed as a Private Investigator in British Columbia and has managed or dealt with a number of lower mainland Private Investigation companies over the past 10 years. His endorsement of McKenzie Investigations comes from repeat dealings with this Private Investigation company and its owner.


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