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Call 604-780-8019 for Scrap / Junk Car Removal

Free Junk Car 604-780-8019 & Low-cost Scrap Metal 604-725-6499 Removal/Recycling in Surrey BC & Greater Vancouver

Need to get that unsightly wreck out of your driveway?  Scrap car removal is fast and free!

CMI Junk Removal offers free junk car removal in Surrey and most Greater Vancouver areas, as well as free scrap/junk motorcycle/motorbike/dirtbike removal and discount rates on pickup of larger quantities of scrap metal, or any amount of non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, brass, stainless). 

Call us or fill out our simple online junk car removal request form


Scrap car towing is always free of charge.  Call us with the make, year and model of your vehicle and let us know if the car or truck is running and whether or not it has wheels.  The registered owner must sign a transfer paper in most cases.

Single item metal appliance removal is also available for as little as $45 for washers, dryers, water heaters, dishwashers & stoves.  To qualify for this rate, the appliance must be outside in a driveway or area where our truck can pull up to load it. Check out our full rates at CMI JUNK REMOVAL.  Larger loads of metal can usually be hauled away for about $40 per load (10 yards), depending on location and density of scrap pile.

** Note: BC Hydro Powersmart will pick up your old fridge if it is still working and pay you $30 for it.  

Visit their website at or call 604 881-HELP (4357) **

To schedule regular hauling of your scrap metal waste, call us at 604-722-5103.

Low-cost one time or regular pickup of scrap metals in Surrey and surrounding municipalities, including Vancouver, Richmond, Delta, Langley, Coquitlam and Burnaby.

Are you selling scrap metal? Money paid for larger quantities of Aluminum, Steel, Copper, etc.  If you have a regular supply of non-ferrous scrap metal waste, why pay disposal costs when you can sell it! 

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