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Management Tips

Management Tips

Keep it Simple! The goal of management is to manage both yourself and the people you work with so that the organization and its employees benefit from your presence.  This is a goal that can be achieved regardless of where on the management ladder you stand.

The goal of any organization is results and results are achieved through people. Ken Blanchard, author of "One Minute Manager" points out that people who feel good about themselves produce better results, therefore as a manager, one of your responsibilities (a the key to getting more out of people) is to help make people feel good about themselves.

Make sure that it is clear what your employees responsibilities are and what they are going to be held accountable for.  Foster a philosophy of 'no surprises'. Everyone knows what is expected of them.

Set goals and performance standards. It is not enough to agree on a goal. Define what has to happen for that goal to be considered as achieved.

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