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OH! Our Health Magazine published by LUNAPress is Kelowna's Health Magazine and a great place to start advertising your Kelowna business.

OH! is a regional health magazine that has been put together in award winning fashion.  The look and layout of OH! is what you might expect from a magazine with a national following, not a local one.  

This is one magazine that I read from cover to cover.

LUNAPress is the brainchild of Kelowna Businesswoman Sherry Robb, a local resident for the past 6 years.  Robb has been involved in advertising and design for over 15 years and is a highly sought after graphic designer for print.  The following is an excerpt from the LUNAPRess website:

"Sherry's ultimate objective is to improve the health of the Okanagan through involvement, awareness and promotion of our community's top health and fitness experts."

Health is one of the internet's top 10 searches and is therefore of interest to GotToGet! whose mission is to serve relevant web pages to its audience through its associations with websites with professional integrity - geared towards both profits and quality results.

"OH!, Our Health Magazine" is designed to keep its readers on the cutting edge of a variety of health related areas, news and research. In every issue you'll find a plethora if information on natural health, nutrition, weight loss, motivation, weight training, non-traditional remedies, recipes, and industry news.


"OH!, Our Health Magazine" is free of charge, published 6 times a year, and distributed to selected businesses and by mail to Kelowna and Central Okanagan residents.


To contact Sherry about a subscription to OH! Our Health Magazine, or to discuss an Our Health Magazine franchise for your region, call Ms. Robb at (250) 765-4705 or email lunapress@telus.net.   


Our Health Magazine covers both local and non-local health issues such as health care, healthy eating, health products, health and fitness, health clubs, health news, healthy diet, health and nutrition in sports, fitness, fitness equipment, fitness centres, training, fitness programs, personal trainers and a complete range of topics for living well and living healthy.

From the OH! Our Health Magazine website:


Sharon Meredith, BCRPA

?OH! Our Health magazine is a valuable source for health and fitness related topics written by knowledgeable experts in the field. I found the articles to contain very credible and up to date information of interest to consumers and health professionals alike. I applaud Sherry and her staff on making a worthwhile contribution to the community's well being.? 


Dr. Alan Jenks

"As a Chiropractor, it is extremely important that I educate my patients in the maintenance of good physical, chemical and mental health.  Having OH magazine, in my office provides the perfect reference for patients to see how others in our community are enjoying and practicing vibrant health."


Andrea Cosar, General Manager, World Gym Fitness Centre

?Our Health magazine is first-rate in terms of content and style; the quality is of the highest calibre, it delivers a message that is important and timely...and most important, it speaks to our own community about its unique interests and needs. I will definitely continue to support this publication in the future.?


Maxine DeHart, Capital News

?A unique collectible publication...very upscale, high gloss, and easy to read. All in all, a great publication.?


Dr. Markus Thiel

?I am very pleased to see such a great product get the attention it so richly deserves. I have had the pleasure of being affiliated with OH! Our Health magazine and the response I have received from the community has been tremendous. Of all my public relations endeavours, this has been the most successful and enjoyable. The people at LUNA Press are as professional as their product is classy.? 


Dale Robins, P.T., R.P.C.

?OH! Our Health magazine is long overdue.  It is reassuring to see such quality and professionalism in a local health magazine.  It is an honor to have been chosen to write in the next issue.  As a Personal Trainer and Emotional Therapist, I am very excited to have a high quality publication to advertise in!  I have seen nothing like it in the Okanagan.  Hats off to Sherry Robb and staff for giving the community this gift!"


John Thomson, Okanagan Saturday

"I saw the magazine and it looks very good. I know it?s tough to launch a magazine in the Okanagan, but [Sherry Robb] has the attitude to make it happen..".
December 21, 02



Kelowna is located in the Central Okanagan, along the shores of Okanagan Lake in the southern interior of British Columbia. The region attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year and has been the focal point for population and industrial growth in the Okanagan Valley for the past 30 years.  Kelowna is the largest community in the Central Okanagan and the fastest growing city in BC.  Kelowna drives a vibrant retail and commercial base of businesses that attracts a trading area of 450,000 residents and is the largest urban, business, commerce retail shopping and health centre between Greater Vancouver and Alberta.

Disclaimer: The above is a GotToGet! editorial and reflects the editor's viewpoint on the subject matter.  GotToGet! is health and lifestyle conscious and recommends the OH! magazine to Kelowna residents and non-residents alike.  

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